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No One’s an Island, We’re in this Together

Drawing inspiration from the timeless words of John Donne and Howard Thurman, “No man is an island, no man lives alone,” we continue the theme of interdependence. Together we will explore the depth of personal responsibility in shaping our societal fabric and on what urges us to engage actively in the social orders we live, […]

Lean on Me

It has been said, “when members of the Native American Blackfoot tribe meet each other, they don’t ask “How are you?” Instead, they ask “How are the connections?” This month’s Soul Matters theme is Interdependence and we will be exploring the health of how our various individual and communal “connections.” How are your connections to […]

Easter, Eostre, Darkness, & Rebirth

Spring is here, tis’ the season of renewal and rebirth. Simultaneously, I also feel a resonance with Rev. Angel Kyoto William’s words that in this season, “there is something dying in our society, in our culture, and there’s something dying in us individually.” She goes on to say, ”what is dying, I think, is the […]