We start planning for the annual pledge drive in early December. All of the Church’s Committees, Task Forces, Groups, and Ministries put together their requests for staff and programs and budgets. These requests are reviewed by the UUCT Finance Committee, the Executive Board and the Budget Planner, who uses this information to put together an Asking Budget. This document is reviewed and pondered by all the various groups that again have opportunities for additional input. The Final Asking Budget is presented to the Finance Committee that makes a recommendation for approval to the Executive Board, which, after approval, sets the date for Congregational Approval and notifies said Congregation. Today, you will again have a chance to ask questions and discuss the income and spending plans. You will then be asked to approve and support the Asking Budget. The Pledge Drive is the method we use for confirming that support; the final amount that is pledged is what largely determines the actual FY 2025 Spending Budget.

You are being asked to substantially increase your pledge this year in order to continue the level of programs we have grown in the last couple of years. Our Music Program is simply outstanding. Our RE Program has really grown and blossomed this year – an example is our youth ministry that has over a dozen youth active in it. Our groups and committees are humming with activity – think about the GLOW Team. And, our Minister is bringing joy to the pulpit and our community, as well as making UUCT a force in the broader community. All of these things require financial support to thrive.

Since UUCT is wholly self-supporting, our activities depend directly on us, the members and supporting friends. As you will see in the budget, about 75% of the budget supports our wonderful staff. We value our Minister, Office Administrator, Director of Religious Education, Music Director, Sextant, and Technical Assistant. Without them UUCT could not be here to provide what we value from our Church: our supportive and like-minded Community, the opportunities for spiritual growth, the thoughtful Sunday services, nor the inspiring music or children’s programs. Because we practice our principles, we are
committed to paying staff a living wage.

We are fortunate that we do not have to buy the land nor the building we occupy: we do not have to pay a mortgage. UUCT is indeed grateful to our Church ancestors. Of course, we still need to keep our lights on, but we do have solar! Our budget and proposed expenses reflect our current wants and needs. This means we are able to pay directly for what we want in this Church. We have the responsibility, as members, to keep the doors open and to fund the budget we jointly approve. We also have the privilege to generate programs and activities through our funding and our participation in these. This stewardship is a dynamic and active process.


In Community,
Maggie Bowden & Annette Pearce (Your Stewardship Team, aka Pledge Drive Team

Pledge Drive Frequently Asked Questions
Suggested Contribution Chart
Ways to Make Pledge Payments
Electronic Pledge Form

Thank you! The ministries and programs of this church can’t happen without you! Check out the videos below to see what inspires others to give to UUCT.

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We create our future, by well improving present opportunities: however few and small they are.
Lewis Howard Latimer