“Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow.” 

Margaret Fuller

This is the spirit that animates Religious Exploration (RE) at UUCT. We grow by probing our experiences and our thoughts to gain a greater understanding of our place in the universe. We grow in interchanges with people of all ages. We can choose all our lives to explore without an end in sight.

Religious Exploration happens at Sunday services, in classes, discussion groups, and when we gather to extend mercy and promote justice. All of these are collaborations between RE professionals, the Minister, Music Director, and volunteers. 

For Children and Youth

Religious Exploration classes for children and youth are on summer break. Children of all ages are welcome in the sanctuary for the entire service and in the nursery. The extended hours of the nursery allow parents/caregivers to bring children early to help them acclimate; as well as offering parents/caregivers a chance to connect with other congregants and join discussions that may be scheduled before or after services. Alternatively, parents/caregivers may elect to find a quiet spot on the UUCT campus to read or meditate.

Fall 2023

RE at UUCT has exciting new updates!

Read about our programs below:

UUCT YRE Expectations & Goals Fall 2023

For more information, contact the Director of Religious Exploration:
Alessandra Nysether-Santos at religious.exploration@uutallahassee.org 

For Adults

Adult Religious Exploration at UUCT has covered a variety of topics over the last several years. Many of the workshops have been offered with a Zoom and an in-person option to ensure that more people have the opportunity to participate. Examples of Religious Exploration offerings are found here.