Volunteer efforts support the work of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee,

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There are lots of ongoing opportunities to volunteer in the congregation, such as: teaching children’s programs, serving refreshments, providing refreshments, ushering, serving on a team or committee, and lots more.

Some of the ways UUCT members volunteer in the wider community include the food bank distribution at Manna on Meridian and the shelter meals program at the Kearney Center.

Volunteer Opportunities

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  • UUCT’s Adaptations in Governance and Management

    UUCT’s Adaptations in Governance and Management

    One of the bright spots in our process of experimenting with our governance model this year has been an opportunity to hear from long-time members about our history as a congregation. From our beginnings as a family size, lay-led, startup fellowship in 1953, UUCT has had a rich history of adapting leadership, management, and governance…

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  • MANNA – An Interconnected Web

    MANNA – An Interconnected Web

    It takes all five churches to make Manna work. Our shared mission is insuring our neighbors are able to prepare a meal. Each and every individual involved has an important role. YOU You, the individuals and you, the members of one of the five Manna churches making it possible to distribute food monthly to 250 families. …

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  • At-home Opportunities to Be a Part of Our Welcome Ministry

    At-home Opportunities to Be a Part of Our Welcome Ministry

    It’s possible to be part of UUCT’s Welcome Ministry from home! There are two opportunities. · One person: Assembling our first-time guest packets. The packets are even more important now, enabling us to hand one to each new guest and avoid multiple people handling materials at the guest table. The assembling can be done at home…

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