UUCT “Banned Book” Library

A few UUCT members have gathered a list of books together that concern some parents in Florida. These books were removed from schools because the parents perceived some kind of awareness danger for their children (??!?). So, our idea was to make a list of the banned books, obtain as many of these books that we could get, and then use one of our book carts to create a sharing library at UUCT. 

The book cart would be available on Sundays. People could browse the books after church on the veranda, or they could check out a book and bring it back the following week. 

If you are able to purchase a book or two from the book list, or if you already have any of the books on the list that you would like to donate, please bring your books to church on Sundays.  We’ll try to come up with a way to account for the books, so that we don’t get a lot of copies of the same book.  (Or, if we do, there may be an opportunity to put some books out in Free Libraries around town.  We’ll just have to see what our next steps will be once we have books.)

If you love books or love to educate others, join us.  We would appreciate some help with cataloging the books and figuring out how to track them when they are shared.