Food for Thought: Show and Tell

What good books have you been reading this year?  Or, have you seen some movies that you would like to tell us about?  Come join us on December 10th at 12:30 for Food for Thought’s “Show and Tell.”  At our meeting we will be sharing all the great books, magazines, articles, videos, recipes or whatever you choose to share with us – as long as it’s about food and our diets, and its impact on our personal health or the health of the earth. If you don’t have anything to share, it’s okay to just come and hear about what other people are excited about.

To whet your appetite, here are a few short videos that you might want to view to discuss at our meeting:

Eat Lancet Summary

The Diet that helps Fight Climate Change

You may also be interested in PCRM’s Exam Room podcasts:

If you’d like, bring a plant-based snack to share. Hope to see you soon. For more information, contact Linda Oaksford at