Covid-19 Pandemic Guidelines 

The guiding principles of UUCT’s Covid-19 guidelines are based on those established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our guidelines are regularly reviewed and updated in accordance with the latest scientific conclusions and recommendations by public health experts. 

It is important to be sensitive to the comfort level of others with regard to wearing masks, initiating physical contact (shaking hands or hugging), and social distancing. Persons experiencing symptoms of Covid, flu, common colds or other communicable illnesses should not attend in-person services or gatherings. Anyone who has attended gatherings and subsequently tests positive or becomes ill should notify anyone they had contact with as well as the minister. 

Under current Covid conditions, UUCT has adjusted the guidelines as follows:

Guidelines for groups using church facilities

  1. All persons, whether vaccinated or not, are encouraged to wear a mask and observe social distancing whenever around others unless everyone within proximity agrees to dispense with these precautions.
  1. Homemade and commercially prepared food and beverages may be shared during after-service coffee hour, potlucks and other communal meals.
  1. Masks are encouraged for staff, volunteers and visitors when in the shared office space but are not mandated. Masking decisions may be agreed upon by those present.
  1. Groups requesting the use of church facilities must email the Office Administrator at
  1. Church member and non-member groups renting space from the church must ensure that all event participants adhere to UUCT’s Covid guidelines. 

Revised 12/6/2022