April Showers Us With Change

The Food for Thought discussion group will meet April 14th this month right after church at 12:30pm in Room L. I hope you’ll have time to join us. Bring a bag lunch and some snacks to share if you’re so inclined and be ready for an engaging discussion focused on food and climate, or anything else related to keeping our life-giving planet healthy and thriving.

Last month we talked about beans, perennial crops, and the new 2023 plant hardiness map. On April 14th, we will view two short videos and talk about how humankind can fix climate change and just what we can do as individuals. A special thanks to Georgia Akerman and others for bringing such great snacks again last month. Georgia’s started a very tasty habit for us all.

We will also keep trying to Zoom, but please be patient as we are still experiencing some challenges with the equipment in Room L. We’ll give it another go again this coming month. If you have any questions, ideas for upcoming meetings or would like to be added to our email list, please let Ed Oaksford know at foodforthought@uutallahassee.org. We will continue to meet on the second Sunday after church each month except for May. Due to the congregational discussion and annual meetings, Food for Thought will resume in June. Happy eating and stay healthy!